For the year 2016 the guidelines are as follows :

Applicable to all

  1. Combo Fees for the DMAindia / DMAasia / DMAmena and the DMA International ECHO are paid simultaneously to DMAindia / DMAasia / DMAmena and NOT directly on the DMA International ECHO website. Payment page here.
  2. Both entry form for the local or regional and the entry form for the DMA international ECHO are filled in correctly at the respective websites and is as per campaign eligiblity.

For Indian Entrants

  1. The DMA International ECHO Awards URN numbers needs to be provided via email at the time of submission and no later than 11 July 2016.

For Asia  / MENA : 

Since the judging for the regional program would not be completed in time for the 2016 DMA International ECHO awards judging it is advised to entrants

Option 1: ( Recommended)

To enter 2016 DMA International ECHO Awards using combo fees option and contest from round 1.

Option 2 : 

To wait for results of the local  / regional programs and enter work in the next edition. Pls note that the campaigns may become outside eligibility period and lose opportunity to contest.

The dates of the local / regional and global shows would be better aligned from 2017.

Currently it has been asked to the DMA International ECHO committee for exception of winning campaigns from DMAasia and DMAmena to be included in 2017 for Round 2. Keep watching this space for any updates. Prospective participants will also be emailed about the information as soon as it is available.

This is the most popular question. You are entering DMA CREATEFFECT Awards affiliated to the DMA International ECHO awards.

The DMA CREATEFFECT Awards offer a simultaneous entry to Round 1 for all participants at theDMA International ECHO awards at a single reduced fee. This is an optional choice we recommend you exercise to save on participation fees and also have the opportunity to shine at global stage.

Qualifying Winners at the DMA CREATEFFECT awards in India, Asia and MENA can fast track to Round 2 at the  DMA International ECHO awards.

Entrants from India, ASIA and MENA are entitled to exercise option to enter the DMA International ECHO awards by paying a reduced fee ( as compared to the fees paid if both the programs were entered individually and separately )

Entrants from India / MENA and ASIA at the DMA CREATEFFECT AWARDS have the option to enter round 1 of the 2016 DMA International ECHO awards at a single reduced fee.